Web 2.0 / New York

The materials for both of my Web 2.0 talks are available here. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


I normally upload my slides to slideshare.com, but it's not working for me at the moment. You can download directly in the meantime:

Example Files

web20-workshop-examples.zip (1.1MB)

Outstanding Questions

Do transitions work in FireFox?
Yes. The transitions that I demonstrated in the examples files will work in FireFox if you replace -webkit-transition with -moz-transition.
Does Web Storage (localStorage and sessionStorage) work across subdomains?
No. The Web Storage areas are "per origin" which includes scheme (e.g., http, https), host (including subdomain), and port.
If a file is listed in both the CACHE and NETWORK sections of cache manifest file, what happens?
The CACHE section wins. This surprised me because I expected the NETWORK section to win, but I tested in Chrome and Safari and observed the same behavior.
Can mp3 files be stored offline using application cache?
Checking on it...
Does Web Storage work on Palm Pre?
Checking on it...


Links to both free and paid versions of my mobile app development books can be found here.

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