Wireless computing is rewriting our world. Mobile – the current killer app of wireless – is just the beginning. This half-day session will summarize the current landscape, extrapolate emerging trends 2-3 years out, and outline a customized business strategy for maintaining relevance in the coming 24/7 networked society.


To provide organizations with a high-level framework for the transition to a “mobile first” mindset.


Director, VP, SVP, CxO, Board Member.


3.5 hours + 30 minutes Q&A.


Your site.


The power to initiate top down, enterprise-wide change.


  1. Big Picture
    1. End of the Industrial Age
    2. Dematerialization
    3. Mobile is radically disrupting business, but it’s just the beginning of a much larger wireless wave
    4. If you think you’re immune to disruption, it’s probably too late
    5. Embrace your core business, not your currrent profit centers
    6. Release control to gain engagement
  2. Smart Content
    1. Data wants to flow like water
    2. Content has to be output agnostic
    3. CMS must not be polluted with layout instructions
    4. A web publishing platform is not a CMS
  3. Self-Serve APIs
    1. Data silos must be deconstructed
    2. Departments shouldn’t have to schedule a meeting to share information
    3. Anything that can be publicly available should be publicly available
  4. Start Small
    1. Every new initiative should be designed for mobile first
    2. Mobile web experience is table-stakes
    3. Benefits of responsive web design
    4. Pros and cons of mobile HTML5 apps vs native apps
  5. Organizational Challenges
    1. Commander’s intent
    2. Incentive structures
    3. Departmental turf wars
    4. Digital governance
    5. The new IT department

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The fee for the strategy session is $7,000 USD, all inclusive (i.e., I arrange and pay for my own travel).

Please contact me to sign up or for more information.