Mobile Strategy for Consumer Brands

Here’s the bottom line: your customers are way ahead of you. They’re already living in a post-PC world. If you don’t deliver a “real time, all the time, on any device” experience to your customers, they’ll happily switch to a competitor who does.

Ask yourself...

When was the last time you browsed your mobile website? Or made a purchase in your mobile app? Have you ever looked at your marketing emails on a phone to confirm that they are even readable?

Is your customer data fragmented across the enterprise? Do you have core systems that are so outdated that you can’t get real-time access to your own data? Have you outsourced core competencies to 3rd-party providers?

Have you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an iPhone app that your customers barely use? Do your marketing and IT leadership bicker over which of them “owns” mobile? Are your senior leaders incentivized to compete with each other?

Mobile Is Disrupting Everything

In the next five years, smartphone ownership will go from 2B to 4B. Mobile is not a channel. Mobile is not a fad. Mobile is not going away. Mobile is a transformational technology that is disrupting every sector of the economy in every country on the planet.

Being an incumbent is starting to look like a liability. The convergence of cloud computing, ubiquitous broadband, and affordable smartphones is allowing mobile-first (or mobile-only) upstarts to take on large companies and in some cases, entire industries.

Blockbuster, Borders, Blackberry, Nokia, the newspaper business, the taxi industry, cable television, shopping malls, hotels, shipping, etc... They’re all gone, failing, or in decline; each disrupted from below by upstarts that their leadership probably hadn’t even heard of until it was too late.

If your business isn’t mobile friendly, your business is over.

I Can Help

I can help you with mobile. I’ve worked with companies like CVS, Staples, Time, Nokia, and many others on their mobile strategy, tactics, and training. Unlike other consultants, you’ll work directly with me instead of with junior employees who bill you hundreds of dollars per hour to learn on the job.

Unlimited 24/7 Access

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Half-Day Session

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Keynote Presentation

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What People Are Saying

Jonathan was able to combine powerpoint slides and code examples in an efficient and entertaining way. I subsequently invited Jonathan to deliver an HTML5 training at T-Mobile.

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for a really great presentation today. The live demo was outstanding and truly appreciated by the audience.

We invited Jonathan Stark @ COSSETTE for one of the best workshops of the year with all of our digital experts in Montreal.

That was a great class, and very well organized. Thank you so much, Jonathan. You're an excellent teacher!

Jonathan, Thank you again for the webinar you provided for us on Tuesday – it was truly a success. I have received great feedback already on the excellent tips and details you provided as well as the demo/hands-on showing of how these tools work in real life. It has been a pleasure working with you again!

Jonathan Stark is a great presenter. He was a pleasure to work with arranging the seminar. All the feedback I received from the participants was positive. During the seminar he took the time to answer questions, even during the breaks. Jonathan used live coding examples to walk everyone through the development process. I would definitely have him back again!

Hi Jonathan - I have read your O’Reilly book with joy, like I woke up and your publication opened new doors to perception. Changes are fast in digital communication tech however doing app development your way makes it possible to go your own pace for the various mobile and desktop platforms. Thanks for sharing your great experiences!

Thank you for the slides and example files, Jonathan. This is pure gold and very useful. You do great work for the developer community and you are a real resource :)