Mobile is disrupting every sector of the economy. Now is the time to take advantage of the biggest tech opportunity in history. 


Here’s the bottom line:
Your members are way ahead of you.

Members expect services to be accessible on any device. They expect their data to update in real-time. They expect to be spared the frustration of irrelevant interruptions. They expect products that cater to their needs, not the needs of their parents’ generation.

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Ask Yourself...


When was the last time you browsed your mobile website?

Or completed a transaction with your mobile app? Have you ever looked at your marketing emails on a phone to confirm that they are even legible on a small screen?


Is your member data fragmented across the organization?

Do you have core systems that are so outdated that you can’t get real-time access to your own data internally? Have you outsourced core competencies to 3rd-party providers?


Have you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an iPhone app that your members barely use?

Do your marketing and IT leadership bicker over which of them “owns” mobile? Are your senior leaders incentivized to compete with each other?


Kind Words

"We reached out to Jonathan for help with our mobile initiative. As result, our development work became more focused. Opportunities for improvement were quickly identified. He helped us with identifying the “win” and offering strategies to achieve success. I’d recommend Jonathan to any organization who is creating a mobile/digital presence."

- Christopher Smith President, Vertifi Software

"Jonathan brought extensive knowledge around the actual devices we were looking to work with and helped us take full advantage of the mobile operating system capabilities. We value Jonathan’s outside perspective, mobile industry knowledge, and hyper-focus on ensuring the customers get the best experience possible. We are looking for opportunities to continue to work with Jonathan."

- David Araujo, VP Technology, Digital Federal CU

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