Mobile isn’t the future. It’s the now.

Here’s the bottom line: your customers are way ahead of you. They’re already living in a post-PC world. They are demanding a “real time, all the time, on any device” experience.

You know this is true because you’re also a customer. You know what kind of experiences you expect from the businesses that you patronize. Is your brand delivering the same sorts of experiences that you yourself demand?

When was the last time you browsed your mobile website? Or made a purchase in your mobile app? Have you ever looked at your marketing emails on a phone to confirm that they are even readable? Try it. If you’re like many business leaders I’ve worked with, you’ll be appalled.

In the next five years, smartphone ownership will go from 2B to 4B. Mobile is not a channel. Mobile is not a fad. Mobile is not going away. Mobile is a transformational technology that is disrupting every sector of the economy in every country on the planet.

Being an incumbent is starting to look like a liability. The convergence of cloud computing, ubiquitous broadband, and affordable smartphones is allowing mobile-first (or mobile-only) upstarts to take on large companies and in some cases, entire industries. Blockbuster, Borders, Blackberry, Nokia, the newspaper business, the taxi industry, cable television, shopping malls, hotels, shipping, etc... They’re all gone, over, or on their way down; each disrupted from below by upstarts that their leadership probably hadn’t even heard of until it was too late. If your business doesn’t reinvent itself for mobile, your business is over.

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